Every Day Is A Fresh Start

So you ate a fruit cake for breakfast, a chocolate bar mid-morning, and gave up completely by lunchtime… Don’t let your slip ups from yesterday affect your mood and your progress today. Realize that one binge, one cookie or cheeseburger is not going to wreck your diet. So if you had a slip up yesterday, don’t let one bad decision derail your progress by letting it turn into a week of unhealthy eating. Instead stop beating yourself about it and return to clean eating at your next meal. This way your slip up can’t become a pattern. And don’t forget about the workout. 20 minutes of cardio will kick-start your metabolism, and help you to mentally get past yesterday’s slip up. Just remember it is not eating the cookie, or the fatty cheeseburger, or the chocolate that will ruin your diet it is GIVING UP on your diet for good. EVERY DAY IS A FRESH START when it comes to working out or healthy eating.

I wish you all a happy and blessed Sunday!

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