Dance Your Way to a Faboulous Body

Many people see exercise as boring – something that must be done. But there are many forms of movement whether it’s a walk in the park, hiking, playing basketball with your kids or zumba class, that brings you pleasure. Thinking back I can’t remember not laughing at least once during my workouts… Friday means weekend and weekends are about fun and doing something different. Do you like to dance? I see dancing as a calorie-burning fitness-party. It’s so much fun! Dancing is a fun way to lose weight, get toned and stay fit. A 150lb person can burn as much as 200 calories in just 30 minutes of aerobic dancing. But don’t see exercise only as a way to burn calories. Think of it as a means to boost your overall health and a way to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

Dear Readers, have a great Friday and party yourself into shape! 🙂

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