The 4 Most Common Weight Loss Excuses

Let’s take a look at the four most common excuses that are usually used and blow them away. Your fit body is just around the corner.

1. I don’t have time: Yes, you have! You can do squats, sit-ups  and lunges while watching the television. You can run the stairs at your house. There is a chunk of time hiding. You just have to find it. People who exercise don’t necessarily have more time than you, they just make it a priority. Unless you make exercise a priority, you’re never going to make time for it.  There are many reasons why exercise should be important to you, but you’re the one who has to decide if it really is important to you. If you’re trying to lose weight, just remember that when you exercise regularly, your body burns more calories even when you’re resting. Making time to exercise is an investment to your health.

2. I can’t afford a gym membership: You can get a great workout without any equipment, just by using your own body. Do some jumping jacks, butt exercises, push-ups, leg lifts,  squat thrusts.  They’re great for getting your heart rate up and require no money. You can find planty of exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home on Youtube. Internet is a great source for fitness and weight loss.  Local communty centers are also affordable options.

3. I have kids:  Make workouts kid-friendly and take them alongFind the gym that has a daycare center. Join a mom’s fitness group.  Grab your kids and go for a walk or run . Ride a bike. Children love bike rides. If you have older kids, they can ride their bikes along with you. Home workout videos are an easy way to access a large variety of programs and perform them in your living room while the kids nap. Encourage your little ones to exercise with you. They can squat,  lift small weights, do jumping jacks or count your repetitions. Have in mind that kids love to play and find activities the kids will enjoy. Don’t put off exercise because of your kids… just bring them along.

4. I’m not seeing any physical changes: The truth is you won’t drop two sizes in a day and you also won’t lose fifty pounds in one month. Your body simply can’t  drop so many pounds, so quickly. You didn’t gain weight overnight, so you can’t expect to take it off  overnight.  Usually it take up to 12 weeks before changes are obvious to the naked eye. Losing weight is not a race. Be patient.

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