Make Commitments Not Resolutions

Make Commitments Not Resolutions

Make commitments not resolutions! I imagine that right now you’re thinking what’s the difference… Well, Jay Robbins says, “resolutions tend to be ideas and nothing more. They are often unspecific and unrealistic. Commitments include a plan of action. They have a time frame in which to be completed, and a specific goal that must be reached. Their end date can be pinpointed so that one is able to gain that well deserved feeling of accomplishment that comes along with completing a task. Resolutions are a good start, but since they often linger in the idea phase, they are just a start. This year, TURN ideas into ACTION and make commitments that inspire follow through.”

Dear Readers, don’t let New Year’s resolutions become nothing more than a list of unfulfilled commitments.  If you want to lose weight and get fit go to the gym today. Don’t wait for tomorrow or next Monday for tomorrow usually becomes ‘never’.

“Temporary motivation doesn’t result in permanent change.  Action is the only thing that generates a result.” –  The Skool of Life


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