Change Is Always Possible

 Change Is Always Possible

“The biggest mistake is to think that it’s too late to start something and not doing anything at all.” . Suzanne Selfors

Many of us let our age define our lives. Remember, you are never too old to make some changes in your life. Change is always possible, and a person is never too out-of-shape, overweight, or too old to make healthy changes. The question here is: do you really want to make a change? You may be telling yourself that you have reached a certain age when nothing mattes anymore and want to just enjoy life, and do whatever you want. But deep down inside you may not feel like this…What you really want is to lose weight to feel good and easy again! You want to be healthy. You want to walk up the stairs and not be out of breath. You want to look in the mirror and see a healthy, happy and satisfied person… It is frustrating to want something and not be able to line-up with feeling you can really have it. I know it can be difficult to make the leap from thinking about change to taking action but don’t let age get in the way of chasing your dreams and reaching your goal. “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”
Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning. Yes, you may fail, you may struggle, you may feel at some point to just give up, but this is all the part of weight loss journey.
“It is very true, losing weight takes time, but time will pass anyway, so why not use it everyday and try your utmost to eat healthy, drink your water and stay active, you can only win!”

Have a happy and healthy 4th of July! Be safe and enjoy!

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