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Nike: I Would Run To You

Love makes people do crazy things–like run across the country. And sing while they’re doing it. See how strong running reunites a long distance couple.

The latest Nike Free spot, titled “I Would Run To You,” is a story of how running reunites a long distance couple, thanks to the help of the Nike Free Run+ 3.

“I Would Run to You” features a sometimes comical couple separated by a continent — she lives in California, he lives in New York — who decide to run to see the other. Along the way, cameos appear from model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and skateboarder Theotis Beasley.

The short film was inspired by the idea that a strong runner can sing while running. The spot kicks off a social media campaign that will challenge runners to test their strength by singing to a special “Nike Free Running Karaoke” mix that debuts next week. It features the original song “I Would Run to You,” which can be downloaded by using the Shazam app on the film.


Be Unique, Be Yourself

“Be confident. Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we aren’t. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is only when you accept everything you are – and aren’t – that you will truly succeed.”  Be patient. Changes in your body will not happen overnight. It is a long journey but well worth it. Don’t give up.

It’s Never To Late To Get In Shape

These are a few of my favourite  responses to this photo that I found:

Tracey Zachmann: “I think the point is that it is possible. Everything worth anything is hard work. It’s not about finding time. It’s about making time. If an accomplishment like that is a priority, it can be done. You can make time, or you can make excuses. The choice is yours. That is all that is being portrayed here.”

Jeff Kaplan: “Yes it is possible. Everyone has a job and a family. It’s all about where your priorities exist. It’s not about having the time to workout, it’s the discipline of the diet and staying motivated to work out and lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Kaiya Price-Dennis: “Exactly Jeff. I decided I had to take care of myself if I wanted to be around for my kids at 70. The most important job about being a mother is taking care of myself. I “show” my kids how to be, not “tell” them. If I’m unhealthy, I can’t expect them to be healthy. I got myself together for me, and it became the power of three….me and my kids.”

Stephanie Terry: “For all of you saying that this just isn’t realistic and that you have other priorities…well you are right. You can’t accomplish anything that you don’t believe you can. I however don’t set limits for myself. I set goals. Try it and you will surprise yourself at what you really CAN accomplish. Make what doesn’t seem realistic…a reality!”

Cindy Tolle Jaynes: “@ Teresa: I have been taking care of a family for the last 20 years and wouldn’t have been able to do it without putting my health as a priority. Children mimic what they see not what they hear. If you do not prioritize good health you won’t be around when they need you most. Don’t they deserve you at your best? I don’t look like him, but I am healthy and my kids have told me that they are glad that I have energy to do things with them. Healthy parents=healthy family…for the long haul.”

You Are What You Eat

Just for laughs… They say, you are what you eat!  That’s funny. I don’t remember eating a sexy beast this morning. 🙂


Age Is Just A Number

Posting this as an inspiration to all who need a little bit of extra motivation…

Agism remains more debilitating in women due to misplaced myths such as men only growing more distinguished with age, men keeping muscle much longer, women being the “weaker sex”, women fearing bulky masculinity, especially the generation of women currently in their 60s and 70s. It takes a strongly misbehaved women to have resisted falling prey to these agist beliefs. We’re not going to see women as successful in defying age for another 10-20 years, because they suffer much stronger socially harmful beliefs than men. Society has a lot more against aging women than aging men. In my opinion, a fit woman in her 50s and 60s is in generally stronger than a fit man of the same age… Because of how much more she’s had to overcome socially and psychologically due to this prejudice. – Scott Sonnon, One of the Top 24 Trainers in the World

Dear Ladies  never say “I’m too old to do that”. Old is an attitude that gets in the way of living your life to the fullest.

Ignite Your Inner Strength

I haven’t tried it yet but it looks effective and fun. Powerstrike helps people unleash & empower their everyday warriors, their inner resources for pushing past, & even enjoying, the challenges of daily life.

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I Did It! Nena’s Weight-Loss Success Story

Much thanks to my friend  Nena for sharing her weight-loss story. Much appreciated.

I can say for myself that I attract pounds like magnet…
When I was able to rekindle the relationship with myslef all other aspects of my life improved dramatically.
And how to start changing things? It is important not to remain passive. Don’t look for excuses because they will only keep you from getting to your desired weight. And don’t lie to yourself. Lying can be devastating not only where weight-loss is concerned, but in all aspects of life.
The hardest part of getting into the proper mindset to lose weight is taking the first step. It takes the most will, which is why it is the most important. Take control of your destiny and become an active force in your own live.
If you’re reading this, you are already taking the first step and being prepared to change. Don’t miss this opportunity! Don’t live in denial! Get the motivational coach. He will help you establish the steps necessary to set, reach, achieve and optimize your personal best, to be all you want to be and to reach your goals.
Motivational coach will stand by you and be there for you every step of the way, but you are the one who has to apply changes to your life. I found out that getting change is easier with the helping hand. Besides your success is coach success.

You have the right to feel good and comfortable in your own skin….I do…in my NEW one.

Nena Trampus


Strong Body, Clear Mind

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. ~ Jim Rohn

Let Go Of The Breaks

If you don’t make changes you won’t change… Ok, what happens to your car when it’s dirty and you don’t clean it?  It gets worse. If you have fitness, health and nutrition goals that you didn’t hit last year what do you think will happen unless you do something different this year? The SAME as last year. If you exercise the same or follow the same eating structure then the same will happen it’s not rocket science. If you feel that you didn’t get where you wanted last year as concerns your health goals then change it up, try a different diet, try a new class, change your training time etc, do something which shocks your body just don’t do the same as last year. CHANGE! – Phyllis Beck – Hughes
“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – Georg Bernard Shaw

Note To Self

What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. – Napoleon Hill