It Is Only a little Bit of Time

I know you work hard all week long, so all you probably want to do this weekend is chill and do nothing. But think this way, if you peel yourself from the sofa right now or turn off the computer and lace up your sneakers to move your body and burn some calories, you’ll feel great about yourself afterwards. I’m sure of that! There is no need to climb the mountain to get your heart rate up. Walk the  dog around the block, go dancing in the evening, take a hike with friends, run the beach, go cycling or swimming, play with kids or just go outside and move. Remember that every move counts. Doing nothing is really doing nothing for YOU. So take at least 20 minutes for yourself today. It’s only a little bit of time. That’s all it takes to boost your mood, burn some calories and get more energy. It might also give you that extra spark you need to meet the challenges of the day.

Wishing you all a very merry Saturday! 🙂

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