Aim for Progress

Aim for  Progress

Stumbled upon this yesterday and thought I’d share it because the year 2013 has only just and many of us are still reflecting on the past year… “As you are wrapping up the past year and reflecting on projects completed, uncompleted and the ones that completely dropped off your to do lists, consider this: What do you want to work on in the coming year? What is one theme or word you want to wrap around all your projects and relationships? Peace? Love? Prosperity? Passion? Freedom? Begin with the end in mind and then do some reverse engineering. Start with YOURSELF as the most important relationship and aim for more than just a change. Aim for PROGRESS. Change will happen regardless of what you do. Progress…now that’s something worth wrapping your life around Aim higher- Raise your standards and your standards will raise you to a greater level in every area of your life. So much more than you previously thought possible.” – Stacie Campanelli

I wish each and every one of you a wonderful first weekend in the year 2013! Make it count!

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