How to Accurately Measure Weight Loss

Try only weighing yourself once a week not every day. Always weighing first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking and after using the bathroom. Measure inches and body fat percentage instead of just weight. However, rather than just gauge your success by the numbers reflected on the scale measure your weight loss success by the fit of your clothes, your positive energy, increased stamina and the good habits you’re forming. Feeling great, and looking great can’t be seen through a scale. Making positive lifestyle changes is good way to reinforce the benefits of eating well and working out. “Scale down the need to weigh in every day and get your reinforcement through a means that makes sense!”
“Measuring is a more accurate method of monitoring progress during weight loss than using a scale to determine weight. A scale does not measure fat and muscle. Your body burns fat and builds muscle mass, which can cause small weight increases during the initial stages of weight loss because muscle weighs more than fat. While your weight may increase in the beginning, it is not because you are not making progress. Track the changing measurements of your body for an accurate assessment of weight loss as your body transitions from fat to muscle.” ( Source: Livestrong)

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